Friends!!! So sorry to have left you all hanging for 2 months! I've been getting many requests (*cough* Blastphumis) to write more posts! And I really have been meaning to but I've been crazy busy. It's def a good thing though! Anyway here's what's been happening since:

Phatal Industries has a new series called Phatal Industries Presents which will give D.C. area artists of all genres the opportunity to showcase their work! Our first series was The Emerging Artists Show (it was so awesome; I'll be posting up pics from that soon to the Phatal Photo Gallery). Here we featured visual art from three amazing local D.C. artists: Henny Mendo, Evgeniya Parish, and Stephanie Bonifant. Their exhibit was held at Cre8 Space Studio Gallery on 9th Street from May 28-31 with a FAB opening reception on the 28th! We had wine, cheese, crackers, great crowd - it was perfect, really! Of course Blast and Dior KILLED it - A CAPPELLA!!!! - and people were begging us to cop the Smoke EP!!! I love it when people support us like that! You can tell they are really into the music, and that makes me happy. :) It means all our hard work is paying off!! Lol.

We have also been continuing our networking event, Phatal Industries Presents Thurs. Night Networking, at Lounge of Three. It is steadily becoming a D.C. staple event!!! Our third installment occurs this Thursday (June 17) and will highlight D.C. photographers. As usual, there will be RIDICULOUS food and drink specials and even more ridiculous live performances! If you rap, be sure to get on the impromptu cypher we always end up having!! Its fun to watch (of course *I* never do it!!) and everyone - performers and audience alike! - get really into it. Moral of the story: BE THERE!! Or be square. :P

Lastly, I'm trying to get Blastphumis to perform live in JAMAICA this fall in the Stir It Up Music Expo's Battle on the Beach. He was selected as one of 100 artists, all of whom are now up for voting. The 25 artists with the most votes then go on to be judged by an expert panel of music industry insiders who will chose the final 3 artists. Those 3 artists will then "battle" on the beach in Jamaica! Ok, so that was a lot: what I need YOUR help in doing is to VOTE FOR BLASTPHUMIS!! Go here and vote once a day everyday till July 15!!! We're gonna make this happen!!!!! 

Welp, I think that's a wrap for me today. I'm about to go vote for Blast and get some more work done! Be sure to check out photos of everything at the Phatal Photo Gallery! Laters!
We finally did it. The Smoke EP release party was on 4/20 and it was a smash hit. In case you've been living under a rock prior to visiting the Phatal Industries site, Smoke is Phatal Records' and Blastphumis' debut EP!! It's been a longgg time coming. I came into working with Phatal a YEAR ago and all our hard work during that time has paid off! We still have LOTS more projects in the works so I can't retire to St. Tropez just yet but it feels wonderful having this major event under our belt!! I still have to post pics from it (and the networking event, I know, I know!!) so stay tuned! Now I must go back to writing emails and formulating more media plans... Adios!
Our networking event last night was a smash hit!! I met so many DMV photogs, recording aritsts, poets and an awesome hair and makeup stylist named Kookie! Blastphumis put together a FAB slideshow of Zheniya and Henny's art work (see it here) and I managed to get a bunch of people's email addresses for our email blast. And of course Dee killed it on the mic and everyone loved Mike's beats...! There were a few moments where I got out of my groove due to some inevitable boy problems but I *am* a professional after all - I managed to keep my cool. :) I'll be posting some pics of the event in the Phatal Record's photo gallery tomorrow. For now I must have a beer and catch up with my gal pal, Ty.
Today I cooked a meal for the first time in um..... a long one. It was pasta salad. I didn't really follow a recipe I just mixed the following ingredients in a new tupperware bowl I bought for $7 (!!!!!) today: spirally noodles (can't remember what those are called exactly), sliced black olives, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese cubes that I cubed myself. And of course Italian dressing. It was good. I know Blastphumis would probably say otherwise but that's only because he doesn't like anything that he didn't cook himself... :)

In other news tomorrow is our first Phatal networking event!!! I'm siced (what IS the correct spelling for that?! I will do some research and get back to you). THAT IS ALL.