Today I cooked a meal for the first time in um..... a long one. It was pasta salad. I didn't really follow a recipe I just mixed the following ingredients in a new tupperware bowl I bought for $7 (!!!!!) today: spirally noodles (can't remember what those are called exactly), sliced black olives, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese cubes that I cubed myself. And of course Italian dressing. It was good. I know Blastphumis would probably say otherwise but that's only because he doesn't like anything that he didn't cook himself... :)

In other news tomorrow is our first Phatal networking event!!! I'm siced (what IS the correct spelling for that?! I will do some research and get back to you). THAT IS ALL.

07/18/2012 10:58pm

Your blog looked so simple to design that I decided to create one, thanks!


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